Birth, School, Work, Death 2008

Site specific installation

Material: plaster boards, wood, printed textile, electric motors, spray paint, wall paint

Dimensions: room 330 x 815 x 520 cm, one flag 130 x 28 cm

Exhibited at Spanien 19C, Århus (DK)

«Birth School Work Death» is a work of symbols which were sprayed on purpose built walls. The symbols were paired with corresponding words which were printed on flags. Moved by electric motors the flags keep swaying endlessly and monotonously in an elliptical movement.

Each symbol represents a tool which has one word assigned to by colour coding: Birth–Pliers, School–Spanner, Work–Saw, Death–Hammer.

The work deals with various forms of cultural expression, in this particular case advertising space and flags. Flags can denote a community (nations etc.), exist as signals for coordination and orientation (nautical science, aviation, military etc) or signal belonging and identification with numerous other spheres. The size of the symbols is reminiscent of advertising spaces omnipresent in urban areas.

The installation is an associative and humourous reference to events and phases in our lives we can not escape.

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