In Hindsight (Guy Debord) 2016

Video installation

Material: cut-out wood, single-channel video
Dimensions: variable

Exhibited at «GaDeWe» Gallery, Bremen (DE)

«In Hindsight (Guy Debord)» is a video projection that can be looked upon peeking through a cut-out in the wall. The cut-out is the shape of the word «pseudo». The video itself is a succession of words.

Reading Guy Debord’s «The Society of the Spectacle» (1967) in noticed how often the author mentioned the word «pseudo» for compound expressions such as pseudo-nature, pseudo-events, pseudo-world and many more.

The book that was published 50 years ago and relates to the capitalistic industrial society, its interaction and effects with cultural and political processes, to say the least. It’s pretty much asking to examine the written  towards ones contemporary life.

The video installation is a reminder if things are as they seam or present themselves.

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