Inexterior 2006

Site specific installation

Material: found material, tv and dvd player, single-channel video 3:30 min, loop
Dimensions: 450 x 300 x 250 cm

Exhibited at Chelsea College of Art, London (UK)

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For «Inexterior» I destroyed a temporary room (250 x 350 x 250 cm) that was part of an former exhibition in the college. In one go I destroyed the room from the inside with my bare hands (and feet). The devastation left me completely exhausted.

I cut the video material into short sequences coinciding with the rhythm of one hit after one breath (length 3:30 min, loop). For the video screening I built a room (450 x 300 x 250 cm) in one corner of the exhibition space.

The room was completely closed and piled up with material from the destroyed room and wood I found nearby. The video installation could be heard but not seen from inside the exhibition space. The only way to see what was going on was through the window from the outside.

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