Molotov Reloaded, 2012

Interactive sound installation

Material: electric guitar, electric bass guitar, microphone, drum kit, four amplifiers, steel, wood
Dimensions of construction containing instruments: 260 x 160 x 160 cm

Exhibited at Homefront London (UK)
Curated by James Hardy

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The movie shows the final loud minutes of the show. The overlaying clips, recorded with a pinhole camera, show the calmer moments of the exhibition.

«Molotov Reloaded» is a sound installation or sound generator. The sounds are triggered throwing  empty beverages into a pyramidical metal basket that onto which instruments are attached. The installation held a set of instruments that are typical for popular music. All instruments and the microphone where plugged into amplifiers.

The motif for creating «Molotov Reloaded» and its predecessor «Molotov» was thinking about exhibition viewers and their role in interacting with art and nevertheless the dynamic of the viewers as a group.

As the outcome of «Molotov» was completely open and experimental, my aim was not to study the viewer or make a certain statement but to offer the utmost freedom how to approach the situation and how to behave
However I’m surprised how different the reactions of the viewers were from one exhibition to another.

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