Nachverdichtung 2021

Installation in public space
Material: air inflatable
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 450 cm

«Nachverdichtung» (translates to: Redensification) consists of an inflatable cussion stuck between two buildings. The alleyway between the buildings is remarkably narrow for this area. An opprotunity to stick something in between. The work bridges a hotel building (silver facade) and a building called Werk 3, housing various companies, gastronomies, shops and artist studios.

The area where «Nachverdichtung» was at display is called «Werksviertel Mitte». The area – still being under development – consists of newly builds, interim uses and – soon – residential buildings.

The public installation was part of the group exhibition «raumgreifen» curated by Angela Stauber, Martina Taubenberger and myself.

Project website of the exhibition raumgreifen in urban space

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