Private 2002

Site specific sound installation

Material: two CD-Players, two Hi-Fi amplifiers, two pairs of loud speakers, photograph, wood, plaster board, door
Dimensions: 350 x 200 x 400 cm

Exhibited at Haus 49 Domagkstraße, Munich (DE)

Motive for that work were my bookshelf and CD collection. The installation is a white room with two seats positioned opposite each other. Two sets of loudspeakers are positioned exactly above the seats. Thus the room is equipped with two acoustic sources. One set provides musical pieces for one minute at a time. From the second set a voice is heard that alternately reads from the first pages of various books.

The order of CDs played and the pages read depends on the sequence with which they are placed on the shelves.
The size of the room was about eight square meters. The visitor was isolated from the rest of the exhibition. The installation offered only very little visual impetus, however it confronted the viewer with a strong acoustic impact.

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