Remote Places #2 2006

Site specific public installation

Collaboration with Rodrigo Oliveira.
Material: wood, paint, styro foam, fairy lights
Dimension: variable, light switch 400 x 400 x 50 cm, fairy lights 35 m

Exhibited at the show «Susak Expo» on Susak Island (HR)
Curated by Daniel Devlin

«Remote Places #2» was an installation in public space that consisted of two parts. In the lower part («Donje Selo») of the town Susak, which lies on the island of the same name, we positioned a sculpture of a light switch. Far off, in the upper part of town («Gornje Selo») fairy lights were installed in the main alley, that went on and off every 15 minutes. They were not identifiable or marked as an artwork.

The installation flirts with the function of the island as a holiday resort and its short-term usage of tourists that need a time-off, far from everyday life.

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