Austro Pop 2011

Public performances

Collaboration with Aldo Giannotti and Roberto Beani co-collaboratiing

Performances took place on invitation of the Austrian Cultural Forum, London (UK)
Curated by Adriana Marques and Eva Martischnig

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Using the performative form of busking, the artists inhabited the capital for one week, singing well known Austrian pop songs at a variety of locations.

This accessible and immediate form of musical expression, recognised by almost everyone, allows the artists to subvert the idea of a traditional exhibition, and equally challenge the institution of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Understanding that a large part of representing Austria’s culture abroad is based on its famous musical heritage of world renowned composers, Kramberger and Giannotti twist this with their presentation of Austrian pop music.

All of the songs played by the artists may alienate the UK public, through German lyrics and unfamiliar melodies, recognised only by Austrians, nevertheless the accessibility of pop music never seemed to accept any boundaries.

The performances took place at following locations:

14 Oct, 6:30 pm: Outside Regent’s Park tube station
15 Oct, 5 pm: On Charing Cross Bridge
16 Oct, 4 pm: Southbank (two locations close to the NFI)
17 Oct, 5 pm: Outside Hyde Park Corner tube station

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