Vocabulary Trainer 2001

Interactive Installation

Material: wood, lacquer varnish, Commodore 64 home computer with accessories
Dimensions: 112 x 203 x 140 cm (when retracted)

Exhibited at Stadtmuseum Deggendorf (City Museum Deggendorf, DE)

In 1983 the Commodore 64 Home Computer (C64) appeared on the market and sold over a million times.
I, being a pupil at the time, owned one as well. My school days are directly associated with that computer. Endless time spent playing computer games, preferably with friends, exchange of computer programs and solving homework.

The «Vocabulary Trainer» was parked in the City Museum Deggendorf, which used to be a boys’ school until 1984.

The installation was a video console free to be used by visitors. On disks one could find various computer programs, applications and games. The body of the video console is wooden and its shape refers to the current transformer of the C64.

The console consists of two parts that can be pushed together or apart. The front part contains the technics, the back part serves as a seat. The colour stripes that cross the body of the console accord to the colour palette of the C64 which could only display 16 colours. Very progressive for that time.

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