Death Box 2004

Site specific installation

Material: wood, plasterboard, bed, coffin, neon lights
Dimensions: 275 x 275 x 275 cm

Exhibited at «Space Camp» project space in Prague (CZ)
Special thanks to Robert Barta, Seb Koberstädt and Martin Pfeifle

«Death Box» was positioned near a corner in a larger basement vault, fully accessible. On the two sides of the cube that were facing the open space a bed and a coffin stuck into the cube. In the opposite corner a hole in the wall allowed the viewer to look inside the brightly lit cube. The coffin that broke into the cube from the outside now emerged as a bed into the inside of the cube and vice versa.

«Death Box» is a compression of thoughts and connotations about the relationship of death, sleep, sex and violence, which are probably some of the most ambigiuous human conditions and beyond any control.

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