Frozen 2015

Public intervention

Collaboration with Vanya Balogh
Material: 3D-models
Dimensions: variable, each 3D-model: 18 x 5 x 4 cm

Artwork realised on the occasion of the artist residency «Lichtenberg Studios» Berlin (DE)

For «Frozen» my colleague Vanya Balogh and me got 3D-models made of ourselves. Producing the models begins with getting oneself photographed in many angles by photo cameras aligned spherical around the object. After the sculptures are manually refined the final step is colouring the object with a printer.


I describe the process because our approach using the figures would also entailed photography. We used the statues for a documental journey scanning Lichtenberg (district of Berlin) and looking for places where to situate «us» and get into contact with locals.

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