Zimerschlacht 2005

Site specific installation

Material: laminate parquet (cherry and beech wood)
Dimensions: approx. 700 x 280 cm

Exhibited at Wilfried von Gunten Gallery, Thun (CH)

The exhibition «Zimmerschlacht» followed the concept of showing five artists in chain reacting to each other’s works. The exhibition started with an empty gallery space showing the portfolios of the upcoming artist. Every week an artist put his work into the space. Kai Rheineck was the first artist, installing a cardboard construction beneath neon lights rhythmically changing its colours. After that Martin Pfeifle covered the walls with paper spraying them silver.

Followed by Alexander Rath who built a brick structure depicting a famous mountain nearby with stripes reminding one of designs that can be seen on coaches.

Following Rath, I transformed the floor with wooden laminate showing the shape of a B2 Stealth Bomber. The city of Thun (near the Swiss capital Bern) is the main base of the Swiss army and armament. The city is filled with young soldiers attending their compulsory military service.
Finally, the artist Roman Lang (a painter) reacted with perspective patterns he painted on the wall thus breaking the physical impression of the room into a partly illusionary.

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