Homage to an Elevator 2019

Site specific installation

In collaboration with Emanuel Fanslau
Material: on site elevator, modified audio tape machine, loud speakers (7 pcs), audio amplifier,  micro computer, micro processor, laser telemeter, wood, acrylic glass
Dimensions: variable

Exhibited at «Z – Common Ground» in Munich (DE)
Curated by Laura Lang, Daniel Man & Loomit
Special thanks to Eike Tute programming the software
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«Homage to an Elevator» is a sound installation that encompassed the stairway, extending over three storeys, inside an industrial building. The elevator was located in the centre of the building. The building was bound to be destroyed to make way for a new development and the group exhibition «Z- Common Ground» was the last activity that took place in that premise.

The sound installation consisted of a tape machine that played Miles Davis’ piece «Elevator to the Gallows» (1958) in a loop. The music was audible on all floors as the loudspeakers were installed on each level.

As the elevator was moving up the music was played faster, moving downwards the music played backwards. While the elevator stood still the music played at regular pace and direction. Detecting the elevators position and movement – thus controlling the tape machine – was made possible by a laser mounted at the top of the elevator shaft.

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