Roof 2001

Site specific installation

Material: roofing tiles, wood, plaster boards, light bulb
Dimensions: 330 x 750 x 500 cm

Exhibited at the Art Academy Munich (DE)

The room in which the roof was exposed is situated on the third floor of the former Herz-Zentrum München (Central Hospital for Heart Diseases) at Lothstrasse.

The hospital was built in the mid 1960ies. It’s appearance in the neighbourhood is rather striking as it is surrounded by the older buildings of Neuhausen (district of Munich).

The hospital was rented out to the Academy of Fine Arts when the main building was in the process of renovation. As a reaction to the immediate environment I established the installation in my studio that reflected the architecture from the opposite building.

One entered the room to find oneself under a truss. From there, through an opening in the roof one entered another room lit by a bulb (20 W).

The normally existing windows of the room were removed and boarded up with a cardboard wall. A tiny slit in the wall made it possible to see the house across. The room’s temperature adjusted to the temperature outside and a light wind blew into the room due to the removal of the windows.

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