Remote Places #1 2006

Public internvention

Collaboration with Rodrigo Oliveira («Untitled Post-It Piece»)
My part is named «Travel Light»
Material: chartered airplane, sticky note, airplane model kit

Exhibited at the show «Susak Expo» on Susak Island (HR)
Curated by Daniel Devlin
Special thanks to Janko Matic

Susak is a tiny Croatian Island (3.5 km2, approx. 200 inhabitants) in the Adriatic Sea, south of the Istrian peninsula. We chartered an aeroplane and told the pilot to drop a parcel on the beach of the main town, also called Susak. After collecting the parcel we walked to the upper part of town, where the gallery was located, to assemble the model aeroplane kit that was inside the dropped package.

«Remote Places #1» is a reaction to a geology of the island. The island consists of sand (on top of a limestone basement) that derived from the River Po in Italy. The sedimentation was caused by the wind that transported the sediment from the Po Delta. This geological feature gave us the idea for the intervention.

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