«Nachverdichtung» is an inflatable cussion stuck between two buildings. The alleyway between the buildings is remarkably narrow for this area. An opprotunity to stick something in between.


Tomaz Kramberger - untitled (piece 1) - Art Object

This work is a topographical model of the volcano Mt. Herbert in Alaska. After the model was built it I poured wax over it. My interest in this piece was the opposition of the accuracy of the model and the…

Birth, School, Work, Death

Tomaz Kramberger - Birth, School, Work, Death (print) - Magazine Print

The publication of «Rojstvo šola delo smrt» in «MLADINA» followed the exhibition «Birth School Work Death». The consideration of cultural forms of expression and language codes thus found its context and dispersal through the print media. «MLADINA» was and still…


Tomaz Kramberger - Void - Art Print

For the exhibition «ENDERS 1: Some Things Worth Knowing» my contribution was a framed text. Following my directions, the work was destroyed and disposed, by the curator Jay Tan, after the show.


Tomaz Kramberger - Molotov - Art Installation

«Molotov» is a sound installation or sound generator. The sounds are triggered throwing  empty beverages into a pyramidical metal basket that onto which instruments are attached. The installation held a set of instruments that are typical for popular music. All…


Tomaz Kramberger - Inexterior - Video Poster

For «Inexterior» I destroyed a temporary room (250 x 350 x 250 cm) that was part of an former exhibition in the college. In one go I destroyed the room from the inside with my bare hands (and feet). The…


Tomaz Kramberger - untitled - Art Installation

The location of this installation was in an entrance room of the Chelsea College, which has doors on each side. We built a hanging construction that spanned all over the room. The construction consisted of twelve timber beams attached to…

Remote Places #2

Tomaz Kramberger - Remote Places #2 - Art Installation

«Remote Places #2» was an installation in public space that consisted of two parts. In the lower part («Donje Selo») of the town Susak, which lies on the island of the same name, we positioned a sculpture of a light…

Remote Places #1

Tomaz Kramberger - Remote Places #1 - Art Installation

Susak is a tiny Croatian Island (3.5 km2, approx. 200 inhabitants) in the Adriatic Sea, south of the Istrian peninsula. We chartered an aeroplane and told the pilot to drop a parcel on the beach of the main town, also…

Some People Are Better Left Alone

Tomaz Kramberger - Some People Are Better Left Alone - Art Installation

Six canvases, which were arranged according to the space, represented the sentence «Some People Are Better Left Alone». I relate the sentence to the exclusivity of art and the group of people that engage with it. The sentence itself I…